Spanish Conversation Group

CONTACT: Lusia McAnna
07933 575334
Email Convenor
WHERE: Members’ homes.
WHEN: 3rd Thursday of each month at 10:00 am
  See Calendar for dates of meetings.

The group’s aim is to help everyone improve their ability to communicate with Spanish speakers in a social setting.

So no worries about learning the correct grammar etc required for passing exams.

We are a new group with just 5 members, so are still feeling our way as to the exact format the meetings will take, but so far we have picked a topic in advance, so that we can all brush up on that vocabulary and prepare a short presentation, so everyone gets a chance to speak Spanish as well as to listen to others speaking.

We are a mixed ability group, but are all very supportive and help each other to get our points across in Spanish. The plan is to concentrate on the sort of vocabulary that will be useful for travelling and holidays as well as general chit chat and to have some fun while doing so.