Geography Group

CONTACT: Gerald Blake
01833 650899
WHERE: Jersey Farm Hotel
WHEN: 3rd Thursday of each month between 2pm and 4pm
  See Calendar for dates of meetings.

The Geography Group was launched in September 2018. Questionnaires answered by some 30 members of the group indicated a desire for a varied programme, including talks by expert speakers, group discussions and group project work, and some visits to interesting places. Topics to be explored and discussed will range from local to global scale, and will touch upon aspects of both human and physical geography.

Future sessions are expected to include the basics of maps and mapping, and how the shape of the world was discovered. We will look at how the landscapes of Teesdale were shaped by physical events and human activity. The geopolitics of the Middle East, and the impact of international boundaries will feature quite prominently, reflecting the specialist interests of the Group convenor Professor Gerald Blake.

The wishes and ideas of the membership will be paramount in shaping the direction of this new group. The top priority is to have thoroughly enjoyable sessions while delving into some of the amazing insights which a geographical view of the world allows. It is intended to encourage members to be active, even ambitious, in participating in the Geography Group, however much or little geography they have done in the past. The possibility of the group curating a public exhibition in 2019 has been mooted, with “Imaginary maps” as a possible theme.