Birdwatching Group

CONTACT: John Howard
ā˜Ž 01833 631639
āœ‰ Email Convenor
WHEN: 1st Thursday and 3rd Monday of each month
  See Calendar for dates of meetings.

The Bird Watching Group meets twice a month to go out and see birds.

The first Thursday of the month is “distant birding” when we are out for the day and may travel for more than an hour to reach our designated location for the day.

The third Monday of the month is “local birding” where we are out for half as day (usually the morning). There may be some travelling involved but rarely more than 30 minutes at most.

Detail of chosen locations are usually sent by email to members a few days before the event. This enables us to respond to expected conditions on the day and to what is reportedly about. Unless otherwise stated the group meets at 9.00 on the roadside below Bowes Museum to share cars and thereby lessen our carbon footprint.

Please let the organiser of the day know if you intend to be there. Then they can make contact if the event has to be cancelled

The full programme is detailed in the Calendar but please check details with the Convenors.

Click here to visit a separate website for viewing film taken by one of our members.