Suggestions for New Groups

We are always trying to extend and diversify the opportunities on offer at Teesdale U3A. We have had some exciting suggestions both for new groups and for reinventing a pre-existing group. If any of these appeal to you, please contact Groups Coordinators, Chris Thornton or Lusia McAnna by emailing or by phone: 07900 158369.

Film Club
This was first suggested by Julia Wright, who sadly is no longer around to promote it. Many people were keen to see films that are not on the popular circuit, eg art films, foreign language or classics. A convenor is needed if this is to progress.

Not sure what sort of cycling is being mooted here, this will obviously be dictated by the interest. I think a spot of lycra might not be obligatory, though LOLILS (Little Old Ladies in Lycra) cannot but beautify and excite our community.

Astronomy with a Difference
The Astronomy Group has been sorely missed, but plans are afoot to revive, regroup and replenish. The aim of the pheonix that emerges will be to broaden and diversify the range of topics whilst still having access to some rather sophisticated equipment for star-gazing.

A number of people have declared an interest on the suggestions sheet at the monthly meeting in learning more skills in painting, though again precisely what kind of painting has not been specified. To be discussed further…

Since Meg Peacocke’s session earlier in the year this has been rumbling around as a desirable development in our U3A. If it is something that floats your boat, please let us know, even more so if you would like to convene it.