Proposal For A Geography Group

Foolishly perhaps, I offered to take the lead in launching a Geography Group for Teesdale U3A, having learnt that no such group exists when I came to speak to U3A on May 24th. Since then I have given some thought as to what we might do, but our programme should be largely shaped by the wishes of the members.

If you have an eye for landscapes, or curiosity about the “where” of things at local or global scales, or you have a passion for maps, you might consider giving the Geography Group a go. Whether you have a degree in geography or failed the subject at school, you will be equally welcome.

I would like to see a varied mix of talks, visits, fieldwork, and group discussions touching on the two broad traditions of physical and human geography, (although my personal enthusiasms are chiefly “human” geography). I hope we might also devise a modest research project to which members could contribute as much or as little as they wish. As to talks, I would be happy to contribute on some of my favourite topics such as the geopolitics of the Middle East, the world map, and partitioning the oceans. I am sure some of my former geography colleagues from Durham would also be happy to contribute.

Expressions of interest will be sought at the U3A meeting on 28 June. We will then need to have a discussion about interests, expectations, skills etc before making a start in September.

If you would like to discuss these proposals, please email me at:
Gerald Blake