Facebook Page for Groups

We now have our very own Facebook page called Teesdale U3A Groups.

At our virtual committee meeting this week we decided to try and extend our reach to members by converting the Facebook account initially under Teesdale U3A Geography group activity to all our U3A members.

Our Business Secretary, Phil has renamed it and its objectives and you should click on this link to join: www.facebook.com/groups/212905290088499

This is a private group and accessed/postings by permission only. Any problems joining please contact Phil at bissec@teesdaleu3a.org.uk or Lusia at groups@teesdaleu3a.org.uk. 

We can now easily share information about both our U3A meetings and activities and other groups initiatives in our area. For instance, seasonal gardening tips; online philosophical discussions; photos of local birds, wildlife and wildflowers; contact numbers for local Coronavirus support groups that we can either use or support; shops currently open; shops doing home deliveries; special offers on quality wines; local walks and places of historical and geographical interest to visit personally or remotely; dates, times and contact information for online screenings of musical concerts, plays, ballets, exhibitions, art galleries, yoga, exercise; Spanish/French/Italian word-a-day; links to videos of classical music, tours of art galleries and museums worldwide; links to articles of interest on art, history, geology, genealogy, geography, astronomy, science,

If you are not already a member of Facebook: do you know that you can open a Facebook account and have only one friend which is Teesdale U3A?

You can just reject anyone else that wants to be in contact with you. As a private group, only other members of Teesdale U3A can read anything that you write or put on our Facebook page.