Chairman’s Letter – July 2020

As many of you will already know, as a result of changes to lock down regulations and guidance, we are now able to go about some of the activities we were used to. As far as U3A activities are concerned, we are still not able to organise indoor activities under the auspice of the U3A and if we did so we would not be covered by the U3A insurance.

Some outdoor activities may be able to take place as long as they are in line with government guidelines. It has always been a requirement that convenors should assess the risk associated with the activities of their group and do what is necessary to provide a safe environment for the Group members. This has become more important in the current climate and this has been emphasised by the U3A insurers. Our Business Secretary is currently working on guidance for all convenors and attempting to make this straight-forward as possible.

We have decided not to attempt to hold our monthly general meetings for the remainder of the year as it is unlikely that our venue will be available although we will keep that decision under review. We are assuming that we will be able to meet in the new year and are making arrangements accordingly.

In the meantime, some convenors are doing a masterful job in keeping their Groups involved and details can be found on the web site and in the e-Newsletter. My thanks go to them for this sterling work, please support them in whatever way you can and doing your best to enjoy life while keeping in good health.

Mike Sweeting