Chairman’s Letter August 2018

I have decided to start this month’s letter with a play on the familiar Lord Kitchener slogan as in ‘YOUR U3A NEEDS YOU’. Two months ago I ended my letter with a gentle (too gentle I’m told – I think ‘woolly’ was the adjective applied by one member) appeal for some new blood to join our committee. Let me state this plainly then: we really need two or three of you to come forward if the continuity which has brought about the thriving U3A which we share in is to be maintained. Please do not wait until the groups that you so enjoy begin to disappear! Feel free to ring me for a chat.

It was great in August to be part of a joint meeting between two groups – a first as far as I am concerned. Spanish Conversation and Wine Tasting sounded to me like a marriage made in heaven and so it proved. A glorious summer’s day making new friends and talking about everything under the sun seemed exactly what the U3A is all about. I’m not going to embarrass any individuals by giving names here, but as so often this came about because of the great efforts of a few with their noble assistants. Every month I read my Forum and marvel at the range of activities on offer. I intend to visit as many groups as possible during my year as Chairman and would like to put on record my thanks on all our behalves for the efforts of those often undersung heroes, the Convenors. You may if you like reread my opening paragraph at this point!

Finally, it was quite distressing to read of the recent travails of our popular venue, the Witham. While we are of course a quite separate organisation with our own aims and responsibilities, I cannot let the opportunity pass to urge all those of you who share my appreciation of the links that we have developed (and are determined to continue to develop) to do all you can to ensure that this excellent local facility remains available to us for many years to come.

With very best wishes to you all,

Tim Meacham