Thursday 26 April

Annual General Meeting
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Speaker: Rick Garside, Retd. Prof of Economics
Topic: Fighting for Survival- The Durham Miners in Crisis and War 1919-45.

As an exporting coalfield Durham was hard hit by the secular decline of the industry which gathered pace after the First World War. During the turbulent interwar period, the Durham Miners’ Association (DMA) strove to defend wages and social conditions amidst the strictures and shortcomings of official economic and especially regional policy. The boost provided to the coalmining industry following rearmament and war after 1937 could not reverse the lingering effects of protracted decline.

Rick Garside (William Redvers Garside) is currently Professorial Fellow, Research Institute of the School of Economics and Political Science, Waseda University, Tokyo, 2015 -continuing. Previous to that he was Founding Professor of Economics and Economic History, International Programme, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, 2010-15.