Data Privacy

The personal information collected from a membership application will be used only for maintaining a list of members, their contact details, (address, telephone number, e-mail address) subscription records (including Gift Aid consent), relevant skills and membership of interest groups in order to facilitate communication between the Teesdale U3A and its members and the general operation of the Teesdale U3A. A contact in case of emergency may be requested for specific activities such as fell walking.

This information will not be passed to third parties except where required for the operation of the Teesdale U3A, in particular:

  1. To the Third Age Trust for the circulation of Third Age Matters. 
  2. To HMRC in connection with claiming Gift Aid tax relief.
  3. To the Beacon Membership System for the purposes of tracking membership.

The control and protection of data will be the responsibility of the Chair of the Teesdale U3A Committee who may delegate this function to another member of the committee.

Data privacy will be ensured by encryption of data within the membership records and by restriction of access to that data to individuals with a demonstrated need for that access.

A member’s personal information will be deleted, subject to legal record keeping requirements, upon that member’s request or six years after membership has ceased. The information that must be retained to meet the legal record keeping requirements of the Charities Commission and Her Majesties Revenue and Customs is name, address and contribution record.

Alan Swindale
(Chairman 2017/8)
11 Feb 2018