Croquet Group

CONTACT: Hazel Yeadon

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no croquet was played last summer at Hill Top Cottage.

For this summer, Hazel and David do not wish to continue running the group, so would be pleased if there is someone else out there who has a decent lawn and croquet gear, and who would be prepared to take on the responsibility of keeping the group going, as trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear of my bit of grass, plus the attentions of the sweet little bunnies, makes it a continual battle!

01833 638710
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WHERE: Hill Top Cottage, Boldron, DL12 9RF
WHEN: Seasonal
  See Calendar for dates of meetings.

Fancy a game of croquet? Even if you have never whacked a croquet ball with a mallet, it doesn’t matter.

The official rules appear quite complex, but you might already realise that for the moment, the rules are for guidance only,

As we go on perhaps we will get a little bit more serious, but right now it’s a matter of enjoying the outside, each other’s company, and a little bit of competition.

The plan is to meet fortnightly through the summer, and if you have a reasonably sized lawn, you could host one of the meetings – we have a full set of hoops, mallets and balls.